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TRACS Direct is more than online ordering. It is a powerful suite of tools that allows operators to take full control of their operations and manage ordering, inventory, and menu costs, even across multiple locations. This solution is just one more way that our customers Get it right from us.
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TRACS® Direct To Go is the easiest way for busy operators to manage their business on the go. Manage your orders, take your inventory, find products, and connect it all to TRACS Direct the industry leading restaurant management tool for food costing and recipe management. TRACS Direct To Go makes inventory a snap with the use of your iPhone camera. With TRACS Direct and TRACS Direct To Go, you don’t have to be in your operation to run your operation.
Are you a Reinhart customer but not yet using TRACS Direct? What are you waiting for? Simply fill out a short request form or enter your activation code and you will be managing your business online in no time.